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Nick & Sam
Our Story

Where it all began…

From Heartbreak, pain, scepticism and demons

We are Nick and Sam Barratt. Married for 19 years, we are not afraid to say we have had our fair share of upset and heartbreak. After many years of unsuccessful fertility treatments and disappointments; traumatic backgrounds; and frequent health concerns, at times it was hard for us to look positively on any type of future…

...However, despite the traumas, we couldn’t be further away from where we once were; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Today, Nick and I are Wellness Advocates for dōTERRA Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Not only do we advocate these high-quality oils, but we also believe in turning to a natural and holistic lifestyle as much as possible; and therefore, hope to support those who want to do the same. 

How we met

“Our different personalities fit together perfectly, which in turn makes our desires and goals exactly the same.”

Nick and I are best friends, although we do have very different personalities. Nick is cheekier and sometimes a bit of a comedian. However, he is an incredible support to those who want it. I am perhaps more reserved (I have my daft moments). I am a determined character and very committed to whatever I believe in.

We first discovered doTERRA through a friend. We received a call out of the blue (which now turns out to be one of the best phone calls we have ever received). They told us about the oils and the powerful effects they were having on many people. Although sceptic at first, I was still intrigued, which is surprising considering the immensely difficult time we were facing as a family. Perhaps I needed a distraction or a way to turn. How would we improve our situation; physically, mentally, hormonally, spiritually, emotionally and financially? As I researched doTERRA, the company and products, I realised I was getting more involved and convinced. My gut instinct was telling me this was right, and it felt right. Nevertheless, I didn’t realise how much this wonderful company would change all our lives in the most unimaginable way…

By Sam

After studying child development, I went to work in a primary school with children of varying ages and needs. I then went to work with autistic adults in a challenging behaviour unit as well as traumatised children who'd experienced serious abuse and neglect. Nick and I wanted to start a family straight away but sadly after many years and attempts at various fertility treatments, having our own family was just not meant to be. We then decided to become ‘Connected Persons Foster Parents.’

It was an extremely difficult time for me. Constantly anxious, on edge and broken inside from not being able to conceive, I was hitting rock bottom. Not only was I physically drained, but mentally also. My confidence had disappeared, and I had a completely negative approach to most things in life. I then confided in the friend who was doing doTERRA. This is when she sent me a tray of samples to try. I was surprised by the tiny bottles that arrived on my doorstep. However, I wanted to give them a go. I took them in hand and smelt them whilst rubbing a small amount on my skin – instantly I recognised there was something different about the way they smelt and felt.

I have used numerous oils in the past, however I just knew these were different. The effects were felt immediately. I was in disbelief…this is when we invested in doTERRA fully. We purchased a Family Wellness Kit and once again we saw rapid and dramatic positive changes for us all!

“I was surprised by the tiny bottles that arrived on my doorstep. It didn’t seem like it was possible for them to have an impact on our Goliath size problems.”

By Nick

I originally worked as a landscape gardener and then went on to work as a structural concreter for several years. Most recently, I was working as a manager for a large supermarket chain. While under great pressure and strain, we were hardly together as a family. I was constantly stressed and down in myself. This is when we heard about doTERRA; Essential Oils and the Leadership Model. doTERRA was already making a difference to the lives of so many people, therefore why couldn’t they do the same to us?

“Our children – we needed them as much as they needed us”

Our Children

We were so happy when we adopted our four children. However, when they first came to live with us, their immunity was at an all-time low. We found it difficult to keep them feeling well enough to keep up with all of our schedules. However, once again doTERRA would change our lives. We were able to build a foundation of health for our children using dōTERRA. Essential Oils and our new flexible working hours meant we had much more time at home and the freedom to spend time with our very precious children.

“We needed the power back in our hands, and the ability to make choices we felt were right for our family – both physically and mentally.”

Throughout our life trials, we have chosen to use our experiences to strengthen us rather than break us. We have used our experiences to push forward and build a successful business which continues to grow each day. Already we have been able to tick of many of our life goals and we continue to work to achieve the rest. Now, we are here to support you on your wellness and lifestyle journey, through these powerful oils and products from doterra. We can show you how to build your own successful doterra business and that great financial pipeline you are dreaming of. Let us show you how to make your dreams a reality. Join our doterra movement as a customer or join our team as a business leader, there is a place and a lifestyle for everyone.

How does your story begin or end?






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